Is the Board Chair of American Mission Teams Evangelistic Organization and Chancellor of the International College of Bible Theology. From humble beginnings in northern Wisconsin, relocating to California as a young adult and mother, and after raising her 4 children, at the age 43 Dr. Thompson accepted The Call of God. She earned her Associate and Bachelor degrees from Golden Grain Bible College, Ventura, CA, Master from Honolulu University, HI and Doctorate from Mid-Western Seminary, Sikeston, MO. Given a passion for teaching by God, she has visited 7 countries assisting in the establishment of ICBT sites in 110 countries worldwide, and 68 school sites in the U.S. Celebrating 25 years of ICBT, multiple thousands have earned their degrees. 

As the Superintendent of Kings Word Academy, Norris City, IL 1992-2015 she and her daughter, Teresa Sansfacon taught at-risk youth and adults, graduating over 250 youth and over 400 adults with high school diplomas.  

Given a passion for teaching “Simple Truths to Live By”, the anointing of God is evident in the accomplishments and faithful walk of Dr. Thompson. Favorite perspective: “No Man is an Island unto Themselves, Our Covenant with God must translate into a Covenant relationship with the Body of Christ.”

Dr. Teresa Sansfaçon has been a part of AMT since its inception, first working as a volunteer with a homeless outreach. She became part time and then full time with the ministry in 1996. Dr. Sansfaçon has served as a teacher in the elementary class of Kings Word Academy as well as managing the office. She joined the board of American Missions Team Evangelistic Association as CEO in 2000. 
Dr. Teresa has travelled extensively with Dr. Thompson throughout the United States, coordinating graduations for both college and KWA, as well as AMT conferences and the yearly Missions School for sixteen years. Both Dr. Teresa and her husband, Mario, have worked tirelessly in the ministry over the years, and their unfaltering assistance in the expansion and transition of the ministry to California has proved to be of enormous worth.
Dr. Teresa is the mother of 3 sons and has 2 grandsons.


Dr. Sally Shepard has been a Christian since she was about seven years old. Born in Illinois, she moved from California to Arkansas in 1951, where she and her family started attending church at Stonewall, Arkansas in 1952. In 1954, the family moved to a small island in the Mississippi River, then moved back to Stonewall in 1957, where they attended the same church in Stonewall where Dr. Shepard is now pastor. She is one of twelve children.

Sally and Charles Shepard were married in 1960, and had three daughters. She and her husband farmed row crops until he died in 1999. During this time, she taught Sunday school classes on almost all levels, was the church pianist, the church secretary, led praise and worship, directed VBS, acted as counselor in numerous youth camps, and even mowed the church lawn. She built a home in Marmaduke, Arkansas in 2000, where she presently enjoys spending time with her daughters and their families. She has five grandchildren and a great-granddaughter

Dr. Shepard has been with ICBT for fifteen years and has traveled to different states to help officiate at Bible College Graduations with Dr. Thompson. She has also made several trips to different countries for the same purpose. Dr. Sally became pastor of the Stonewall Community Church in 2005. Presently she and the church operate a food bank and are involved in helping Dr. Thompson in the prison ministry. 


Dr. Price was born again at 7 years of age in Corydon, Kentucky, and submitted fully to the Lord in June, 1968. He served as Sunday School teacher in two different Pentecostal churches, before moving to Crossroads Bible Church in Norris City, Illinois, where he served as teacher, elder, and then Associate Pastor. In 1993, God called Dr. Price to the Ukraine, where he administrated and taught in AMT’s first school on foreign soil, in the city of Kiev.

Dr. Price returned to the USA in January, 1995, where he undertook the administrative duties at the AMT office. In January, 1997, he began to travel to the nations, taking Bible College materials and helping ministers and ministries set up their own colleges. He traveled to 37 different countries doing so, as well as many times in some nations, to set up schools. Dr. Price oversees schools in the nations, being AMT’s liaison to them, as well as writing curriculum for International College of Bible Theology, Midwest Seminary of Bible Theology, and serves as an Associate of Dr. Leo Hall.


Dr James Beaird and His wife Dr. Bonnie have been a part of AMT and ICBT for almost 20 years. Up until their recent retirement, Dr. James had owned and operated a business for over 50 yrs.  Both he and his wife faithfully pastored for over 40 yrs, continually working in the ministry wherever needed, always responding to the need with enthusiasm and grace. His expertise in maintenance, music, technology, teaching, counseling, etc., was highly valued and greatly appreciated by all those who encountered them and benefitted from their generous help.  Dr. Beaird has been a director on the AMT Board for over 10 years bringing direction and support to the ministry. They reside in Mosouri

Dr. Beaird is a U.S. veteran, having served 3 years in the Armed Forces. He and Bonnie have 3 children and 8 Grandchildren. 

Dr. Wendell Burden holds Degrees in Divinity and Christian Counselling from Midwest Seminary of Bible Theology. He is a retired Quality Engineer and a retired Sergeant Major with the US Army, as well as a Vietnam Veteran. He is the Senior Pastor, Counselor, President/Founder of Family Life Ministries International located Pennsylvania, which was established in 2004. They opened an ICBT School in 2015.

Both Dr. Wendell and his wife, Dr. Juanita, served on the Board as Field Directors in the US of Marriage Ministries International, travelling extensively as Group Leaders and conducting Leadership Training Weekends.  

In 1999 they founded Family Life Ministries International, a family counseling center. In May 2004 the Family Life Ministries church and in 2006 the Family Life Ministries Academy. 

Drs. Wendell and Juanita reside in Pennsylvania and are the proud parents of 1 son.


Dr. Mary Carr attend Living Word Fellowship Ministry Training Center in Ventura, CA, for eight years and received her B.A. from Golden Grain Bible College in 1990, where she was first ordained.

Dr. Carr assisted in establishing American Mission Teams Evangelistic Organization with Drs. Verda and Tom Thompson in the latter part of 1990 in Ventura, CA., She established The Place of Rest where she served a s Pastor for 22 years. In addition to teaching Sunday Service and ICBT Classes, she coordinated the Drop-In Center with counseling, food pantry and clothing ministry provided by faithful volunteers for 18 years. During this time she traveled frequently to Norris City, IL to assist in ICBT Administration and teach ICBT and KWA classes being formed by Dr. Thompson throughout the Midwest, earning her Masters in Pastoral Counseling and Doctorate in Christian Ministry. As a Board Member of AMT-ICBT for 25 years, she has traveled frequently with Dr. Thompson throughout the Mid-West and as part of the lead-team to the first International ICBT site of Kiev, Ukraine. 
Since 2013 Dr. Carr has served as ICBT Director of Latin Affairs, overseeing new Spanish sites in the U.S., Mexico and Central America. Dr. Mary Carr and her husband, L.C. reside in California. L.C., her children and grandchildren have faithfully served in supportive helps ministry roles.

Rev. Dean Goneau holds a Masters in Education degree and is a middle school principal in Winsconsin. His wife susan joins him in the Education field as a 2nd Grade teacher. Rev. Goneau has served as an associate pastor. He served as a coach in the youth sports arena for many years. Rev. Goneau joined the board of AMT as a director and academic advisor in 2004.

Rev. Goneau is a US veteran, having served in the Marine Corps for 12 years. He is the father of 4 children, 1 son and 3 daughters. Another son sadly passed away at the age of 22. He is the proud grandfather of 9 grandchildren including 3 step-grandchildren.


Dr. Hall was born again in 1973 during a prayer meeting in his home (of which he was not in agreement). He began to follow the Lord and served as an Elder at the Believer’s Fellowship, in Shawneetown, Illinois, beginning in 1975, for 4 years. He served as Associate Pastor at the United Methodist Church in Shawneetown from 1980-1984, seeing many of the believers there filled with the Spirit during the Charismatic Renewal. Dr. Hall planted Crossroads Bible Church in August, 1984, and served as the Senior Pastor for 24 years.

Dr. Hall encourages and was and is involved in mission work, having made trips to minister in Mexico (twice), Ukraine (once), Kenya (three times), and the Ukraine once. He also sent forth members of the local body to do mission work. He always had a vision to take the Word of God to the world. He set in a new pastor at Crossroads bible Church in 2008. In April 2012, Dr. Hall was set in as Senior Pastor at Turning Point Church of God. Dr. Hall serves as a Board Member and a Pastoral Advisor to the Ministry.


God has put a desire in Pastor Craig’s heart to reach into every nation through Television, Radio and International Missions. Today, David Craig Ministries’ broadcasts messages in over 8 states by Local Television Stations and via Internet, and through DirecTV and Satellites worldwide. David himself has taught in eleven countries and looks forward to adding new ones to his itinerary. David Craig Ministries recently purchased their first radio station: 25K watts, KLUH 90.3 FM, out of Poplar Bluff, Missouri. 

In addition to his pastoral duties and his multiple broadcast ministries, Pastor Craig is also an Executive Board Member of American Mission Teams. He is the Central American Director of International College of Bible Theology and Midwest Theology Seminary.

Pastor Craig  served in the US Army Medical Corps for 3 years. He and his wife, Harriet, reside in Missouri.
Bishop Dr. Eddy Brown - President

Dr. Eddy Brown served as Bishop for International Gospel Outreach for 12 years and as Bishop and President of American Mission Teams since 2005. Dr. Brown and his wife Dr. Mary have partnered with AMT-ICBT for over 14 years. They have opened several bible college sites and are gifted teachers. They also reach out to communities and area Youth. 

Both Dr. Eddy and Dr. Mary has worked with Teen Challenge and have been in ministry for over 40 years. Although they have no children of their own they have birthed many spiritual sons and daughters.

Drs. Allan and Rosemary Chambers have been in the ministry for over 40 years. Born and raised in South Africa, they were involved in both local church ministry as Sunday school teachers, youth leaders, assistant and senior pastors, as well as itinerant ministers travelling throughout South Africa and Namibia. Their ministry in Bibles Schools began in 1984 and is ongoing. They currently run an online school - International Institute of Bible Theology.

Drs. Allan and Rosemary have had a relationship with AMT/ICBT since 1998 and currently serve as Curriculum and IT advisors to the Board. They oversee the online arm of ICBT.

They are church planters and overseers, as well as being well known conference speakers, having strong teaching gifts, and both minister apostolically with a strong prophetic flavor. They have a passion to see men and women raised up and equipped to do the work of the ministry as they fulfill the purposes of God in their lives. 

Drs. Allan and Rosemary reside in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and have three married children and eleven grandchildren.
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