ICBT offers Certificates and College Degrees at the undergraduate level:

Certificates/Diplomas – Years 1-4
Associates and Bachelor Degrees

All courses are done by correspondence. An online program is being developed. Watch this space for more details.

Bible College Curriculum is available for Home Missions work, such as: Prison Ministry, Homeless Ministry and Substance Abuse Ministry.  

Bible College Curriculum is available in English, Russian, and Spanish for mission work in the nations.

Curriculum is currently being translated into Portuguese, French, Telegu, and Mandarin Chinese.

Working with AMT, ICBT has Bible school curriculum in 101 nations. For more information, see the page on "Around the World."

PLEASE NOTE: Home Missions students are required to apply in writing to ICBT. We DO NOT accept emailed requests for information or application. For more information click the blue button to the right. 
ICBT offers students from around the world, from any background and tradition, the opportunity to further their Biblical education. ICBT desires to educate those who have a desire to pursue God through Christ Centered Education, and who want to be grounded in the Word of God. 

ICBT offers a style of study that enables the student to learn at their own pace and in their own environment. The courses have been designed to meet the needs of students from different walks of life and cultures.

Upon graduating from ICBT the student will be able to pursue their ministry and Christian service goals with confidence. It is the goal of the leadership of ICBT to assist the student in every way possible in their chosen course of study. The faculty and course writers are seasoned Ministers of the Gospel with many years experience in the Christian Education world. 

To learn more about our programs, complete the "Request Information" form on this page or call us with your specific questions.
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