So You Want To Be A Missionary? - 
Dr. Roger Price
With a sound and practical view of the missionary world, Roger Price walks us through each step from those first urgings we feel as god begins to speak to us, to understanding God’s call on our lives, and finally the essentials of getting to the field.
Successful Christianity - Dr. Roger Price
Success has been sought by all people of all ages. No one looks for failure in their life. They all want to succeed. Christians alike seek to be successful in their walk with the Lord. Since it is not laid out in logical steps, like A, B, C in the Bible, we must study to find it. There are no magic formulas that we apply for 10 minutes each morning before we go on our way doing our thing in Christianity. It is a continuous walk with the Lord, beginning (for us) at the point we meet Him and ending at the point we leave this life. In between there is this living it out as we come to understand what it is He wants.
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